Research Reports

TDRL Projects: Solar/Wind Hybrid Renewable Light Pole, Gravel-Road Traffic Counter, DLL-Based Traffic Software Development Kit

Principal Investigator:

Taek Mu Kwon, Ryan Weidemann, Dan Cinnamon

September 2008

Report no. CTS 08-21

Projects: Integrated TDRL Projects: DLL Traffic Software Devlpmnt Pckg, Gravel-Road Traffic Counter, Intersection Traffic Movement Counter, Hybrid-Renewable Light Pole -FY06 NATSRL

Topics: Data and modeling

This report describes the results of three projects initiated in Fiscal Year 2006 by the Transportation Data Research Laboratory (TDRL), using the funds provided by the Northland Advanced Transportation Systems Research Laboratories (NATSRL). They are (1) Development and field tests of solar/wind hybrid renewable light pole, (2) Development of a gravel road traffic counter, and (3) Development of a DLL-based software development package. Each project is relatively small and developed as a seed project for future expansion to a full independent project. Each of them is described as a chapter that includes its own introduction, the main body of work, and its own conclusion.

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