Research Reports

The Role of Housing Markets, Regulatory Frameworks, and Local Government Finance

Principal Investigator:

John S Adams, Mark D Bjelland, Laura J Hansen, Lena L Laaken, Barbara J VanDrasek

May 1998

Report no. CTS 98-01

Projects: Twin Cities Regional Dynamics

Topics: Economics

This report examines the land use/transportation dynamic and its influence on metropolitan development in postwar U.S.; changes in housing supply, housing demand, and residential price movements between 1970 and 1990 in minor civil divisions (MCDs) within the seven-county metropolitan area and adjacent counties; a classification of state and local regulations that promote low-density development on the built-up metropolitan edge and beyond and that raise obstacles for cost-effective redevelopment in older settled areas near the cores of Minnesota's major urban centers; and, the changing profiles of taxation, intergovernmental revenue transfers, and expenditures by function for counties and MCDs within the Twin Cities region.

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