Research Reports

Analysis of Electrical Capsule Pipeline Systems

Principal Investigator:

Yiyuan J Zhao, Thomas Lundgren, John M Sampson

March 2000

Report no. MnDOT 2000-10

Projects: System Simulation and Optimization

Topics: Data and modeling

This report discusses the major technical issues, environmental impacts, and economic factors for the design and analysis of an electrical pipeline system. Researchers reviewed the history and related work on pipeline transportation, as well as linear electric motors, analyzed basic components for an electrical pipeline system, and devised and compared several possible system configurations. They selected a moving-primary linear induction motor configuration for medium- to long-range freight transportation. For this system configuration, preliminary designs are conducted on capsule structure, linear induction motor units, and pipetubes. A comprehensive computer simulation program is coded based on governing equations of motion. Researchers conducted system operation design and simulations by using the computer program.

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