April 2014 Catalyst

April 2014
The new Roadway Safety Institute, a $10.4 million regional University Transportation Center established in late 2013, will conduct a range of research, education, and technology transfer initiatives related to transportation safety. Led by the University of Minnesota, the two-year consortium will develop and implement user-centered safety solutions across multiple modes. Max Donath, professor of mechanical engineering at the U of M, serves as the new Institute’s director. Here he shares his vision for the Institute.
The discussion and debate about automated speed enforcement (ASE) is both complex and puzzling. On one hand, studies have shown that ASE increases roadway safety in certain settings, and public opinion polls show Minnesotans overwhelmingly support ASE in certain locations. On the other hand, Minnesota is one of 36 states that do not use ASE. Prompted by the gap between state policy and the safety benefits and strong support for ASE, researchers at the Humphrey School of Public Affairs investigated scenarios for an ASE pilot program in Minnesota.
Access to emergency medical services (EMS) following a serious crash is a long-standing rural safety problem in the United States. Since EMS service is based on population density, rural areas are often underserved, resulting in higher fatality rates per rural mile traveled. In an effort to improve the effectiveness of EMS response and care coordination in these rural areas, researchers have conducted a pilot study of the smartphone-based CrashHelp system in central Minnesota.
Whether on a roadside, rest area, park, or lawn, turfgrass diseases can significantly damage turf in the Midwest. As governmental agencies continue to regulate inputs on turfgrass, it is important for turfgrass managers to know how to meet new challenges—especially concerning turfgrass diseases. An online course from the University of Minnesota’s College of Continuing Education gives turfgrass managers the expertise necessary for controlling diseases.
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