Green Line LRT and Housing Price

Principal Investigator:

Jason Cao, Assistant Professor , Humphrey School of Public Affairs

Project Summary:

This project is exploring the impacts of Green Line LRT on housing prices along the Central Corridor and the timing of the impacts. In particular, researchers are choosing the stations in the city of St. Paul as treatment areas and bus stops of several major arterials in the city as control areas. They are developing a difference-in-difference model to separate the impacts of the Green Line from other confounding effects. Preliminary results indicate that both full-funding grant agreement (FFGA) and the commencement of the Green Line increased property values.

The project extends the period of data from 2009–2015 to 2008 to 2016. In this way, there are more records before FFGA and after the commencement. This offers more solid results. Further, researchers are applying spatial regression models (rather than linear regression) to identify the effects.


Project Details: