CTS Research Partnership Award


The benefits of effective research far surpass the corresponding investment and implementation. To develop, conduct, and implement research effectively, advanced skills and in-depth knowledge are required. The necessary knowledge and skills are not found in one individual, in one discipline, or even in one sector of our society. Rather, the most effective research comes about through partnerships and teamwork.

This award recognizes research projects within the CTS program that have resulted in significant impacts on transportation, and rewards teams of individuals who have drawn on the strengths of their diverse partnerships to achieve those results.


To be considered for this award, a group of individuals must have worked together on one or more research projects and implementation efforts that have the following qualities:

  • a research component led by University of Minnesota faculty or research staff
  • involvement of University of Minnesota students
  • significant findings
  • measured benefits as a result of implementing the research findings or adding to the bank of existing knowledge
  • documented costs in research and implementation

In addition, the nominated group of individuals must have:

  • represented multiple sectors (i.e., public, academic, private) of our society
  • acquired diverse skills and knowledge
  • demonstrated the synergistic effect of the partnership


Geogrid Reinforced Aggregate Base Pavement Design

This year’s recipient is a group of projects known as Geogrid Reinforced Aggregate Base Pavement Design. Spanning from the early 2000s to present, these projects have led to design procedures and modified construction specifications that utilize a geogrid reinforcement for flexible pavements in order to build more financially effective roadways.

More than 50 individuals contributed to these projects over the years, including the expertise of seven University of Minnesota engineers and scientists, MnDOT, the Local Road Research Board, and Jackson, Lincoln, and Polk counties.

These projects were also supported by private-sector expertise, testing, and contributions from Braun Intertec and Ingios Geotechnics (field measurements and analyses); Tensar Research (development of geogrid modeling methodology); and Itasca Consulting Group (expertise and the commercial software framework).

Past Winners

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