2018 CTS Transportation Research Conference


November 1 , 2018

About the Event

Overhead image of cityPhoto: University of Minnesota

The conference convenes researchers and practitioners from Minnesota and the Upper Midwest to highlight new learning, emerging ideas, and the latest innovations in transportation. Attendees will learn about research findings, implementation efforts, and engagement activities related to a variety of transportation topics.

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Opening Session: The Future of Driving in the Land of Freeways
Keynote Speaker(s)

Susan Handy, Department of Environmental Science and Policy, and Director, National Center for Sustainable Transportation, University of California, Davis

  • Frank Douma, Director, State and Local Policy Program and Program Coordinator, Master of Urban and Regional Planning Degree, Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs, University of Minnesota
  • James Erkel, Environmental Attorney (formerly with the Minnesota Center for Environmental Advocacy)
  • Kjersti Monson, Principal, Chief Executive Officer and Civic Studio Director, Duval Companies
  • Tim Sexton, Chief Sustainability Officer, Minnesota Department of Transportation
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Luncheon Session: The Evolution and Potential of Automated Vehicle Technologies
Keynote Speaker(s)

Julie Schoenfeld, Vice President, Technical Program Management, GM Cruise Automation

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