2004 Oberstar Forum Related Links

Rural Road Safety

Highway Safety: Federal and State Efforts to Address Rural Road Safety Challenges, Government Accounting Office, May 2004. GAO-04-663.

Analysis of rural intersection accidents caused by stop sign violation and failure to yield the right-of-way, Kansas Department of Transportation, Kansas State University, the University of Kansas (2000)

Reducing Crashes at Controlled Rural Intersections, K. Harder, J. Bloomfield, & B. Chihak. Minnesota Department of Transportation, Mn/DOT Report No. 2003-15 (2003)

National Highway Safety Administration

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety

Toward Zero Deaths program

Transportation-Related Technology for Rural Areas

Best Practices of Rural and Statewide ITS Strategic Planning (2002)

The Safety Applications of ITS in Rural Areas, Federal Highway Administration (2002)

Rural ITS Solutions: Rural ITS Toolbox, Federal Highway Administration (2001)

Rural ITS User Needs, Federal Highway Administration (1999)

USDOT ITS Joint Program Office – Rural and Statewide ITS Section

ITS Cooperative Deployment Network (ICDN)

Intelligent Transportation Systems Institute at the University of Minnesota

FHWA/FTA Transportation Capacity Building Initiative – Rural & Small Community Transportation Planning

Technology in Rural Transportation: "Simple Solutions," Federal Highway Administration, FHWA-RD-97-108 (1997)

Trends in Rural Transportation

The National Association of Counties (NACo) and the National Association of Development Organizations (NADO) created this "resource tool for rural transportation stakeholders, including local elected officials and regional development professionals."

Enhancing America's Communities: A Guide to Transportation Enhancements
Federal Highway Administration, 2002

Rural and Agricultural Transportation: Data & Information Resources –National Transportation Library

Small Communities Benefits: Innovative Traffic Management Practices in Small Communities Federal Highway Administration. (2002)

Serving Rural America – FHWA Office of Planning and Environment (2001)

Will Increased Highway Funding Help Rural Areas? Dennis Brown, Economic Research Service, US Dept. of Agriculture. Agriculture Information Bulletin No. 753. 24 pp. (1999)

Rural Transportation History

The Trip to Town: Rural Transportation Patterns and Developments Since 1900, Peter Schauer, TR News, March-April 2003.