Our Metropolitan Area as a Place: Making an Accessible Region Through Transportation Research

Wednesday, February 8, 2006 - 3:45pm

About the Event

A metropolitan area that works for all its residents and visitors provides easy access to many regional places. In the Twin Cities area, one such place is the University of Minnesota's Twin Cities campus, a major regional destination for students, employees, and many others. Transportation, however, means more than access: it is also a vital component of an area's identity. The people and goods that move from place to place—and how they do it—all contribute to an area's character.

Please join us for a presentation of the Center for Transportation Studies' Access to Destinations research program, a new initiative that will analyze accessibility to places within the Twin Cities region. The event will also include an informal discussion of how well the regional transportation system provides access to the University and to other destinations.


Robert Johns, Director, Center for Transportation Studies

David Levinson, Associate Professor, Department of Civil Engineering