May 2013 Catalyst

May 2013
In a continuing effort to better understand nonmotorized traffic patterns in Minnesota, researchers from the Humphrey School of Public Affairs have partnered with the Minnesota Department of Transportation to develop guidelines and analyze information collected in bicycle and pedestrian traffic counts throughout the state. The research team, led by Professor Greg Lindsey, aims to develop consistent methods for monitoring and assessing bicycle and pedestrian traffic.
The Hiawatha light-rail transit line began operations in 2004. How has the line affected transit ridership and walking among nearby residents? To get an understanding, U of M researchers conducted a case study of one section of the line in south Minneapolis. The study, led by Jason Cao, assistant professor in the Humphrey School of Public Affairs, compared the section with four control corridors (two urban, two suburban) with similar demographics.
Extreme temperature variations, combined with frequent application of deicing salt and repeated freeze-thaw cycles, are the main contributors to distress in our asphalt pavements. For most of the past decade, six state DOTs and four research universities—led by MnDOT and the University of Minnesota—joined forces to battle this problem. The resulting pooled-fund research partnership represents the most comprehensive effort to date investigating low-temperature cracking in asphalt materials and asphalt pavement. The team’s work was honored with the 2013 CTS Research Partnership Award.
Should your vehicle be able to gather, store, or transmit information about where it’s been—or where it’s going? On the surface, it seems like a simple question. However, it inevitably gives rise to many others: Who will see the data? How will it be used? Can it be given or sold to a third party? Under what circumstances? A multidisciplinary team of U of M researchers has published a report that sheds new light on the intelligent transportation systems (ITS) privacy debate by mapping and assessing the interests of all participants. The team was led by Frank Douma, a researcher in the Humphrey School.
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