August 2015 Catalyst

August 2015
In July, CTS introduced the next generation of the workforce to transportation topics and careers during a two-week summer program. Thirty students entering seventh through ninth grade attended the program, where they got hands-on experience with topics ranging from distracted driving to aeronautics to traffic management. The CTS-hosted National Summer Transportation Institute is part of a national program designed to attract and introduce the brightest young minds from diverse segments of society to education and career opportunities in transportation.
As part of a continuing effort to improve efficiency and reduce emissions in transit buses, U of M researchers are conducting a study designed to help Metro Transit select the right bus for the right route. The research team is analyzing and comparing the performance of advanced hybrid buses, standard hybrid buses, and conventional diesel buses on three types of routes. The advanced hybrid buses, equipped with all-electric accessory systems, were designed for Metro Transit based in part on a previous U of M study.
To address the challenges of roadway safety on tribal lands, Roadway Safety Institute researchers are collaborating with American Indian communities to better understand the safety risks on tribal lands and develop strategies to mitigate these risks. The researchers are focusing on gathering on-the-ground knowledge about the nature of roadway risks and options to improve safety on reservations in Minnesota.
According to crash statistics, run-off-the-road crashes contribute to more than half of all vehicle fatalities nationwide, and they occur most often on two-lane rural highways. To aid in the development of appropriate and timely warning systems to prevent these deadly crashes, researchers at the HumanFIRST Laboratory studied behavioral responses to in-vehicle lane-departure warning systems using a driving simulator. Their findings indicate that these in-vehicle systems could help reduce the risk of run-off-the-road crashes.
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