January 2017 Catalyst

January 2017
Mechanical engineering professor Rajesh Rajamani and Roadway Safety Institute director Max Donath have been awarded a nearly $1 million grant from the National Science Foundation. The grant awards funding to academe-industry partnerships whose proposals move research toward implementation of a human-centered smart service system. In the new project, Rajamani and Donath will partner with Quality Bicycle Products to explore implementation and possible commercialization of the bicycle collision-warning system developed by Rajamani in his Institute-funded research.
Freeways and highways aren’t the only urban roads with traffic congestion, even though traffic management strategies have been largely directed toward improving traffic flows there. So, U of M researchers have taken to city streets to reduce congestion in an innovative—albeit roundabout—way. The team is using the 66th Street corridor in nearby Richfield as a test bed for their research. The city, along with Hennepin County, is converting a series of signalized intersections along the route to roundabouts over the next few years.
The Minnesota Department of Transportation is exploring the development of freeway “lids” at key locations on I-94 in the Twin Cities. To analyze the potential for private sector investment and determine what steps might be needed to make lid projects a reality, MnDOT invited the Urban Land Institute MN to conduct a technical assistance panel with real estate experts and other specialists. The U’s Metropolitan Design Center provided background and research for the panel.
As the millennial generation comes of age, indications of a significant generational change in travel behavior have raised hopes of robust growth in transit use. However, one key question remains: Will millennials continue their high rates of transit use as the economy improves and they settle down and start families? To gain insight, U of M researchers compared how two factors—young children in a household and access to a vehicle—affected household transit use in the Minneapolis–Saint Paul region in 2000 and in 2010.
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