June 2017 Catalyst

June 2017
Light-rail transit is commonly thought to stimulate economic development and boost property values. However, knowledge gaps have made it difficult to gauge exactly how much property values increase and when the increase happens. In a new study, U of M researchers help fill those gaps. The findings show that the Green Line lifted the values of houses within a quarter mile of stations in St. Paul, and that most of the value uplift occurred right after funding for the Green Line was confirmed.
For several generations, transportation policymakers and practitioners have favored a “mobility” approach, aimed at moving people and vehicles as fast as possible by reducing congestion. However, the limits of this approach have become more apparent over time. During CTS’s Spring Luncheon presentation, Brookings Institution fellow Adie Tomer offered highlights from its Moving to Access Initiative, which visualizes challenges of the current mobility model, impediments to adopting an accessibility-focused approach, and a vision for where metro areas can go from here.
Rear-end crashes are a major cause of highway traffic slowdowns, and preventing these congestion-causing incidents requires a clear understanding of why they occur in the first place. On the surface, it might seem like the driver who rear-ends another vehicle is the primary cause of the collision; however, the reality is much more complex. In a new study, U of M researchers explore the role of shockwaves in rear-end highway collisions—and explain why drivers at the front of a group of cars may have as much or more to do with the crash than the drivers involved in the crash itself.
CTS Scholar Carissa Slotterback has been appointed associate dean of the Humphrey School of Public Affairs effective June 12. Slotterback, an associate professor, has been a member of the Humphrey School faculty for 13 years and previously served as director of research engagement in the Office of the Vice President for Research. Her academic work focuses on stakeholder involvement and decision making related to environmental, land-use, and transportation planning.
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