March 2020
An innovative driving support app designed by U of M researchers may be an effective tool to improve attention and reduce certain types of risky driving behaviors in older drivers, according to results of a new two-state field operational test. The RoadCoach app—originally developed to support safe driving habits in teen drivers—provides real-time, in-vehicle coaching using a driver’s smartphone.
Autonomous vehicles (AVs) may trigger wide-ranging changes in public transit and parking systems in coming years. As part of a recent project, U of M researchers held in-depth discussions with planning practitioners from the Minneapolis–Saint Paul metropolitan area to learn what they think the biggest challenges and opportunities will be. While opinions differed about the specifics, all the participants agreed that AVs will have significant impacts for the region and believe corresponding planning policies need to be developed.
For several years, U of M researchers have been teaming up on an interdisciplinary effort to develop a Bluetooth-based system that can be placed in work zones to deliver warning messages to drivers. In a new project, a series of field tests show that the system is capable of providing dynamic, location-based in-vehicle messages for motorists approaching a work zone.
Annual nationwide data from the Accessibility Observatory measuring access to jobs by transit is now available. The annual analysis, part of the Access Across America national pooled-fund study that began in 2013, ranks 49 of the 50 largest (by population) metropolitan areas in the United States for connecting workers with jobs via transit. The Minneapolis–Saint Paul area ranked 13th.