Gina Baas

Associate Director, Engagement and Education

200 Transportation and Safety Building
511 Washington Ave SE
Minneapolis, MN 55455
Curriculum Vitae: 

Gina Baas is Associate Director, Engagement and Education, for the Center for Transportation Studies (CTS). In this position, she is responsible for leading the delivery of education and outreach initiatives on behalf of the Center. This includes directing projects and programs to administer conferences and events; develop and maintain Web sites, electronic newsletters, and other communications/information products; and coordinate and support stakeholder committees working on specific transportation topics and issues. Baas also leads the Center’s communications strategic planning efforts and media relations. In the area of education services, she collaborates with faculty, industry and student associations, and transportation practitioners to strengthen transportation education at the university, including outreach to post-secondary students and minorities and women to pursue transportation careers. Baas directs initiatives that support undergraduate and graduate students, that reach out to K-12 students, and that maintain connections with alumni.

Prior to joining the Center’s staff in 1997, Baas was a project manager for a market research firm, C.J. Olson Market Research, and for a transportation consulting firm, LJR, Inc. Transportation Consultants and Planners; she also served in a variety of positions in the Minnesota office of U.S. Senator David Durenberger for six years. Baas holds a BS degree in political science with a minor in American history from the University of Iowa.

In 2010, Baas became a member of the Transportation Research Board's Transportation Education and Training Committee. She is also active in the Women's Transportation Seminar (WTS), serving as co-chair of the International Membership Development Committee and on the Minnesota chapter board of directors for five years in various leadership positions, including as President. Baas was a participant in the 2005-2006 cohort of the University of Minnesota President's Emerging Leaders program.