About The Center for Transportation Studies (CTS)

The Center for Transportation Studies solves old transportation problems in innovative new ways. It convenes diverse communities to brainstorm, debate, share, learn, and act. And it partners with local and global transportation professionals, stakeholders, businesses, and leaders to move new ideas from research to reality.

Celebrating 30 Years of Innovation: Traffic Operations

In celebration of our 30th anniversary in 2017, CTS is looking back at research, education, and engagement highlights to illustrate the innovation that makes transportation better. Traffic operations, a key CTS research area, is a great example of how U of M research meets the practical needs of Minnesotans. And it shows how knowledge grows over time, even over decades, and builds on the findings of past studies.

CTS by the numbers: FY16

  • CTS revenues: $15 million
  • 30 sources provided funding for transportation research through CTS.
  • 22 departments conducted transportation research.
  • 120+ students participated in transportation projects.
  • 70+ stakeholder groups were convened.
  • 1000s of people read CTS publications and websites.